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Thank you Carol for getting me to my goal. I’ve enjoyed it so much I’m staying with you and bringing mum along too - I actually look forward to exercising for the first time ever - great results while having fun but working hard ;0 I can highly recommend to all shapes, sizes and age - custom made workouts in a safe, private, enjoyable environment - top marks!


“Already noticing a difference after 5 sessions. Carol is a great PT who has managed to motivate my 53 year old couch potato body to actually enjoy physical activity. In each session she pushes me a little further with a "Yes, you can". Highly recommend!
I could not have wished for a better fitness journey than I have had with Carol.  She has brought me from zero to zesty, gaining a level of fitness I would never have achieved on my own.  Our journey has been progressive and Carol has known just the right level of encouragement to push me beyond the goals that I had set myself. You most definitely can achieve any goal you want with Carol at the helm! 
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