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Hello, my name is Carol.  I'm a personal trainer with a simple mission - to help you make the "Best You", you  can possibly be. Working from my own, fully equipped Cabin gym, my aim is to help you achieve your own fitness and well-being goals, in a safe and non-intimidating environment.

How do I do this...?​

By offering a personalised exercise plan tailored to your specific needs. I  take time to listen and work with you to achieve your best outcome for the goals you set yourself. For me, personal training is about inspiring and accompanying you on every step of your journey. By using a variety of routines and equipment, there’s plenty of fun along the way to help you gain the fitness you seek to better enjoy life with friends and family. Fitness and well-being requires an all round approach, including nutrition, and I’m happy to offer nutritional advice that  may help you make changes that could really make a difference.

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I am a fully insured  Level 3 personal trainer.

And also a

Girls Gone Strong

Certified Women's Coaching Specialist

I am also qualified to teach:

   *Circuit training


   *Indoor cycling


We all know that exercises is good for us. It keeps our weight in check and helps to keep us healthy in to old age!

But if you workout regularly you may also feel less anxious, stressed and generally happier.

  • Exercise releases HAPPY chemicals into your brain. Dopamine is a chemical that plays a role in happiness and the best way to increase it's production is through exercise.

  • Working out hard will help you to sweat out the days worries. Do it regularly and it can help in the long term too!

  • Exercise boosts your confidence. By pushing yourself on, you begin to realize that you can do things that you previously thought impossible. When you start to see the transformation of your body, in appearance, strength and endurance, your confidence grows along with your happiness.

  • Regular exercise can improve your sleep quality and even make you want to leap out of bed in the morning!

  • So exercise regularly and be happy, healthy and confident for LIFE!



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