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Fit and Fabulous is a private Facebook group that was originally created during lockdown. I missed seeing my lovely clients in The Cabin as much as they missed being able to come.

SO, I recorded a short video saying that I missed everyone and the group was born.

Within the group I stream live workouts either via Facebook Live daily. They are workouts that you can do at home. You don't necessarily need any equipment. Sometimes we use weights but you can easily use tins of beans or bottles of water as a substitute!! All the 'lives' are saved for the members to enjoy at any time that they can fit them in to their busy lives. 

There are nutrition tips, recipe ideas and a great supportive network of people with one common aim ....

To be the best version of themselves!!

And all  of this for a subscription of just £5.99 a week. The members of the group are loving it as much as I am enjoying delivering it.

This group was born out of lockdown, but is definitely here to stay!

Want to join us? 

Your first week is absolutely FREE

Just click on the link below and I will see you there!