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Make time for exercise!

Ok, so we are almost to the end of January.

You have been trying really hard to stick to your New Year resolution to 'diet'.

Maybe the pounds are starting to shift but now is the time to move it up a gear!

Diet and exercise go hand in hand towards making a happier, healthier you.

Whether its getting outside with the children or walking the dog, execise improves your mood and your outlook on life!

All of that is a great beginning but could you do more?

How about going for a gentle jog?

Joining an exercise class?

Playing a sport?

Going swimming?

There is so much to choose from!

Why not get together with a friend and do something together. It is always easier to start something new with someone else.

How about setting yourself a challenge?

Running 5k

Learning to swim or

swimming further?

Joining a netball/football club?

Riding your bike?

Get stronger/leaner?

Book some personal training?

Plan it....... Do it!


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