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About The Cabin

It's never too early or too late  to be the Best You, you can be.  And there are a variety of ways in which to achieve this. Here are a few examples of what can be used to help you on your journey…

•Dumbells •Kettlebells •Medicine Balls •Resistance bands 

•Mini Trampoline •Swiss ball


Tailored routines are a great way to match your exercise activities to your goals. They can be fast and furious, high intensity, slow and strength building or stamina improving. The list is endless and you will never be bored!  There are so many ways to help you discover your 'jump for joy' at any level and any age! 

The Cabin also has outside space for battleropes, skipping and a breath of fresh air in the summer.  And if you want a complete change, there are a number of running routes close by.

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